What is Mokume-gane

» What is Mokume-gane

Mokume-gane is a Japanese term meaning “wood eye metal”. The art of making Mokume gane is a metalwork invented in medieval Japan to decorate handles of Samurai swards. This special technique creates a beautiful wood burl and grain patterns on metal. Today, the method of making Mokume-gane is used to produce an adorable jewelry.

The process of making Mokume-gane is all handmade. The sheets of different color metals are fused but not melt together to make a solid block of metal. Then it is hand-cut to produce the wood grain patterns. The metal then will be shaped into the desire jewelry.

Originally, the metals used in making Mokume -gane are limited to gold copper and silver. But today, some other non-traditional metals such as Palladium, Platinum are widely used as well.

Why Mokume-gane wedding ring

Forever bond

Mokume-gane wedding rings are created from two different color metals representing you and your couple. Two color metals are bonded strongly into one, binding you and your couple together and forever.

Only for you

Never will the two of Mokume-gane be exactly the same since the method always creates a one of a kind ring. Only your ring and your couple’s will be custom made together from the same Billet by our master craftsman which will produce exactly the same pattern, a unique wedding rings, that only are for you two.

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